USUI Susira’s people-first approach from inception has made extraordinary people out of ordinary people through a systematic process of education, training and development. Today they are a group of achievers. Through the continuous communication model, the company has earned the total trust and confidence of its people.


Not a single man-hour of production loss. USUI Susira’s industrial relations are marked by high level of transparency, credibility, mutual respect, shared organizational goals and leadership aspirations. In recognition, the company was bestowed with the “Outstanding Industrial Unit Award” for its best Employer – Employee relations since inception in 1976.


Business Practices based on high values and ethical standards drive the operations at USUI Susira. Our company enjoys high credibility with all its stakeholders. USUI Susira has equipped itself with appropriate technology, consistent with the existing and emerging requirements of its customers. This combination of best business practices and best shop floor practices has added value to customers inspiring their total confidence.


USUI makes pushrods (and related family), valve seats, valve spring retainers, valve tappets, piston cooling nozzle and other cold-forging components to global standards in strict conformance with customer’s specifications. Through a process of internal customerization & continuous improvement through CFTs, the company has been delivering high quality products at competitive prices strictly on time.

Core Production Facilities

  • Custom built Hot Upset Forming Presses.
  • Medium Frequency Induction Heater.
  • High Frequency Induction Hardening Machines with Auto Quench and Auto loading.
  • Micro Processor Controlled Resistance Welding Machines.
  • Cold Forging Machines.
  • High Precision Machining Centers.
  • State-of-the-Art’ Clean Room Assembly Facility.
  • High Capacity Furnaces.