Energy Management

Usui Susira International Private Limited (USI) acknowledges the global concern on climate change and recognizes that concerted and sustained global action is required to address climate change risks and to adapt to their potential impacts. Given that UST’s operations are energy and carbon intensive, the company is committed to this effort through its own energy and carbon programme, which forms an integral part of our vision for sustainable development.

Adopt and maintain global approaches on GHG emissions and Energy management to reduce our specific greenhouse gas emissions throughout our operations, including:

  • Measuring out direct energy usage and carbon emissions and maintaining our year-on- year efforts to reduce energy consumption across our operations.
  • Defining specific energy and carbon reduction targets, seeking to achieve substantial de-carbonization of our business.
  • Maximizing the benefits of process improvements (combining or eliminating processes) and technology advancements.
  • Extend our approach to reporting carbon emissions in compliance with internationally recognized protocols.
  • Invest in clean energy (alternate energy) and energy recovery projects.

This policy is part of the USI Sustainability Framework, and each USI business shall implement this policy and its related technical and performance standards. Manager Maintenance will be held accountable for energy and carbon performance and responsible for the full implementation of the related energy and carbon standards. We will measure and report performance on an annual basis to ensure on-going management of energy and GHG emissions including the sharing of good practices
throughout the organization. The content and implementation of this policy will be reviewed once in
SIX months.