About USUI

Susira Industries Ltd. (now USUI SUSIRA International Pvt. Ltd. ), was established in the year 1976 by Mr.S.Seetharamaiah, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate and a first generation technocrat entrepreneur with a vast experience in the Indian Automobile Industry. With his strong vision and undiluted commitment, he was able to quickly transform the company, from a job-shop, into a world-class auto component manufacturer supplying Pushrods, related valve train components, Piston cooling nozzles and cold forged components to major OEMs in India and worldwide locations.

For the company to realize its vision of becoming a global supplier of pushrods and other products, in April 2013, SUSIRA has joined hands with USUI KOKUSAI SANGYO KAISHA, Japan (USUI, Japan), and has transformed itself into USUI SUSIRA International Pvt. Ltd.

As a member of USUI group company in India, USUI SUSIRA will focus on strengthening its customer relationship and shall introduce other products in India, from its global product portfolio.
For more information regarding USUI, Japan, please visit www.usui.co.jp.


1976 – Establishment of Susira Industries
2006 – Establishment of Susira Industries – Plant II
2006 – Conversion to a Public Limited Organization.
2008 – Establishment of Susira Industries Ltd – Plant III (Kakkalur)
2013 – Susira Industries Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of USUI KOKUSAI SANGYO KAISHA, Japan and transformed into USUI SUSIRA International Pvt. Ltd.

With a share of business from OEMs varying from 70 to 100%, USUI Susira has the privilege of being the #1 manufacturer of Valve Pushrods in the country.

USUI Susira is a very responsible Corporate Citizen.

All products manufactured at USUI Susira, strictly confirm to International Standards for environment, health and safety. USUI Susira strives hard to maintain perfect harmony with the society – Ultimately providing a safe & friendly work atmosphere for everyone out here!

USUI Susira’s Guiding Philosophies and Founding Principles:

  • Whatever we do, we will do well and produce products that are best in the class. There is no place for ‘GOOD ENOUGH’ Syndrome at USUI Susira.
  • At USUI Susira, it is our constant aim to put the customer at the top. This drives us not only to meet customer needs, but also exceed their expectations.
  • Our Belief – Customers, Employees, Suppliers are not only our business partners but co-creators of value. Without them, we cannot succeed and with them we cannot fail.
  • Our Values – Honesty and Integrity – Integrity of thought, word and deed.
  • We motivate our people to make them want to do things than getting things done from them.