USUI Susira

Susira Industries Ltd. (now USUI SUSIRA International Pvt. Ltd.), was established in the year 1976 by Mr.S.Seetharamaiah, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate and a first generation technocrat entrepreneur …

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USUI makes pushrods (and related family), valve seats, valve spring retainers, valve tappets, piston cooling nozzle and other cold-forging components to global standards in strict conformance with customer’s specifications.

Quality has always taken top priority at USUI Susira. This Company’s Quality Assurance program is aimed at defect prevention and not detection. Quality is built into the product and not inspected: Do it right first time and every time form the cornerstones on which the edifice of quality is built…

USUI Susira’s people-first approach from inception has made extraordinary people out of ordinary people through a systematic process of education, training and development. Today they are a group of achievers. Through the continuous communication model, the company has earned the total trust and confidence of its people.

Mission StatementSustain manufacture of VTC, Cold forged parts, PCN, and develop assembled Tube products(Leak of Pipe, High-pressure pipe & Chassis Pipes).
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